Does drinking more water relieve dry mouth?


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Discover the Truth About Dry Mouth Relief: Why Water Isn't the Silver Bullet

When your mouth feels as parched as a desert, reaching for a glass of water might seem like the instinctive fix. But here's the twist: water doesn't mimic the magic of our natural saliva. While it provides some moisture, it falls short of the multifaceted role saliva plays in soothing your dry mouth.

Contrary to common belief, dry mouth isn't typically a result of dehydration. So, guzzling down gallons of water might offer mere temporary respite. In fact, excessive water intake could even lead to unexpected complications, such as Hyponatremia, a condition where the balance of sodium in your bloodstream becomes diluted, potentially overwhelming your kidneys' delicate equilibrium

You can also visit the NHS for more information on Dry mouth 

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