Why Have Men been Storming Out of Cinema's during Barbie?!???

Why Have Men been Storming Out of Cinema's during Barbie?!???

Hey, maybe not 100% linked to the best dry mouth, palate cleansing spray in the world but something I need to get off my chest!!! The latest Barbie movie has made such waves both critically and financially, yet it hasn't been immune to criticism, especially from some men. Reports of men walking out of cinema's during the film's screening have stirred conversations. Some critics label the movie as "too woke" or "politically correct." What do you think?? And what's behind this response? 

The Feminist Theme: The Barbie movie has earned accolades for its feminist perspective on the iconic doll franchise. However, some men have reportedly taken issue with the film's progressive message, leading them to exit. The story revolves around a strong, independent, and successful female protagonist who challenges norms and stands up for her beliefs. This departure from traditional portrayals might ruffle feathers among those accustomed to more conventional roles for women.

Depiction of Male Characters: The movie introduces several male characters depicted in a less favorable light. Many are shown as shallow, inept, or lacking ambition.. (in some cases maybe even a little pathetic..). This portrayal could alienate men who feel that the movie unfairly pigeonholes them into negative stereotypes.

Tone and Message: Critics have labeled the Barbie movie as "woke" and "politically correct," possibly pushing away viewers who were just seeking some lighthearted escapism on a Friday night after work. The film doesn't shy away from addressing weighty themes like gender inequality and body image, which might not resonate with everyone's preferences for entertainment.

Not all men reacted negatively though; many have praised the film's feminist stance and positive portrayal of women...yay!

Will there be a Barbie 2?

Predicting the long-term effects of the backlash against the Barbie movie remains uncertain but there is a possibility that the criticism might influence the trajectory of future Barbie films. Studios might hesitate to produce movies that challenge gender stereotypes or paint men in such an unfavorable light... This outcome would be awfully sad, as the Barbie franchise has the potential to promote positive change. Actively breaking down gender norms and inspiring young girls, all whilst hitting those nostalgia feels!!!

Do you think the backlash has initiated an essential dialogue about gender equality and representation in media? Actress Margot Robbie offers her perspective: "I think it's fantastic that the Barbie movie is sparking conversations about gender equality and media representation. It's crucial for young audiences to witness strong, independent, successful women on screen. I'm hopeful that the Barbie movie will empower young girls, showing them they can aspire to anything."



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